Conceptual Design: On the back of our strong research skills and our passion for innovation, we design state-of-the-art, functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings that embody the taste and uniqueness of the client, while keeping with today’s trends. Our offerings include:

  • Aesthetic design
  • Innovation Management
  • 3-Dimensional renderings
  • Architectural design

Consultation: With our expertise in the industry, we believe we have a repository of knowledge that is useful in guiding clients towards achieving their vision. We, therefore, offer advisory services as follows:

  • Project detailing
  • Site measurement and assessment
  • Space planning
  • Design conceptualization

Home Finishing: Translating ideas into the perfect reality is what we do at Transwalk Property. Whatever your needs, we are dedicated to doing our best to meet them with the following services:

  • Renovations
  • Dry Ceiling Design
  • Dry Wall Design
  • Tiling
  • Custom-designed woodwork, cabinetry, built-in furniture, banisters, paneling, etc.
  • Schedules of doors, sanitary fixtures and appliances
  • Exterior landscape plans


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